Know Your Risk. Optimize Your Health. Live Your Best Life.

At ACE Defyers, we teach women who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) to understand their health risks and optimize their physical and mental health, so they can live their best lives, raise healthy children, and break the cycle.

Actionable Training

Learn and understand the steps you need to take to defy your risks and live your best life!

Supportive Community

Find support from a community of people who truly understand!

Professional Guidance

Get practical guidance to overcome your predispositions and regain control of your life!

Our Courses & Programs

As a survivor of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), your are at increased risk for over 30 chronic diseases , but your past doesn't have to dictate your future. Enroll in our comprehensive health programs that were designed to help you optimize your health & defy your predispositions today!​

ACE Survivor Essentials Program

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ACE-Defying™ Wellness Program

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Our Three-Fold Mission

At ACE Defyers, we're passionate about three things—educating, empowering, and enlightening women so that they can overcome their predispositions and live their healthiest and best lives now, in spite of their difficult pasts.

Dr. Janelle Louis, ND — Founder

We are passionate about educating women about the effects of ACEs so that they can break the cycles in their own lives and make better choices for themselves and for their children. 

We’re passionate about empowering women with the tools and skills they need to overcome their increased risk and to address the health concerns that they are at increased for as a result of having experienced ACEs, such as mental health concerns, reproductive concerns,  autoimmune disorders, and metabolic syndrome. 

We’re also passionate about enlightening women so that they realize that they can live life on their own terms, in spite of their difficult pasts. They can raise physically healthy and emotionally resilient children. They can rise above their past and present circumstances. And they can live their healthiest and best lives now.

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What Are People Saying?

"[Dr. Janelle Louis] is providing compassionate care that gets to the source of my illnesses and diseases. For the first time in my life I feel equipped to change the medical history of every generation after me."
Kershana H.
"...I always knew natural was best, and getting to the ROOT of any problem is always the best solution. That is exactly what Dr. Louis does. I am so glad I took that first step and visited with Dr. Louis, and I look forward to continuing my journey with her as I seek optimum health, naturally! I wish I had found her sooner."
Debbie S.
"...My sister-in-law suggested a more holistic view of what was happening, and she helped me find Dr. Louis. ... [M]y TSH was in normal range for the first time in 3 years, and I’ve maintained it for several months. It’s amazing how much of life one can accomplish when awake and feeling good! Thank you Dr. Louis!"
Julie C.
"...Personally, I have struggled with anxiety and sleep related problems most of my adult life and while I have been on pharmaceutical drugs for those issues, they were still not fully controlled. What I came to realize was missing, was the link between traditional medicine and integrative medicine and I found that with Dr. Louis. By integrating her holistic approach into my care, I am now essentially free from daily anxiety and my sleep has improved dramatically. ."
Carolyn M.

Did You Know?

Dr. Louis' latest book, Set On Edge describes the negative effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) on physical health, specifically mental, women's, autoimmune, and metabolic health. She also shares her B.A.L.A.N.C.E. Framework™, an integrative approach that is designed to help you address all four of these categories of ACE-related chronic disease, so you can regain control of your health and finally start living.

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